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After managing Camdons for over 20 years, in 2017 Gary's career in jewellery took a wonderful twist. 

Very dear friends Tawna & Jason asked Gary to marry them.... long story short and now Gary is available as a much loved Celebrant for Broome weddings. Talk to him and see if he is available for your special day.

You'll love the genuineness he brings - and if you need to, you can even talk to him about rings.

If you want to marry - See Gary !

Gary Clarke: 0431 397 501

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ph: +61 8 9192 7300

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Capturing the beauty of our Australian South Sea Pearls

Please note all pearls are slightly different and have their own natural 'uniqueness' or 'imperfections'- which means each piece of jewellery will be different and special to you. This also means that your new pearl pendant may not be exactly as shown in the images, however we go to great lengths to ensure each piece of jewellery is represented accurately and genuinely. We don't use filters on our pearl or diamond images.

Your order will be dispatched to you at the earliest possible convenience. If you require your order by a set date please let us know by phoning or emailing us !

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