A Brief History....                              

Camdons Fine Jewellery was started in 1996, just after our son was born and in fact was named after him, his name being Camden.  The business name Camdons was actually a miss spelling on my part which we never had the time to correct. Camdons like all businesses was started with the assistance of many wonderful friends and without their input and guidance we would not exist.  My wife, Sue Luketina, and part owner of the business gave 100% faith and support in my ability to establish a new business with no background in the industry - without that kind of beginning I would not have got out of the starting blocks.  The saying "ignorance is bliss" certainly applied to me at the time. However, I did have a trade background in tool-making and was able to transpose these skills to making jewellery. 

Two years later the opportunity became available to establish a workshop and then soon after a showroom.  My great friend and teacher Craig Hamaguchi played an integral role in establishing the workshop and showroom.

About fifteen years ago Craig Bowden joined me, initially as a contract worker but soon there after as a full time employee.  With Craig came a new dynamic and energy to the workshop.  He introduced a higher degree of professionalism to the operation and has become our Workshop Manager. 

Over the years there have been numerous people work with us in the workshop and in the showroom, too many to name and without their help and input the business I am sure would have faltered along the way and to those people we owe a debt of gratitude and we thank them all very much. This can also be said about suppliers and other business owners in the industry both here in Broome and throughout Australia.

Camdons Fine Jewellery

Where pearl magic is created...